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Skuhrov nad Bělou 58
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The total floor area of the house is

658,21m2 not including the basement.


Total area of the 1st floor is 286.21 m2, not including the veranda.


Total area of the 2nd floor is 255.6 m2, not including the terraceand balcony.


Total area of the 3rd floor is 116.4 m2, not the attic.


The house has a basement measuring 208.45 m2.


The block of land’s total area is 11,507 m2.

Monthly costs

The estimated operating costs are 15,000–20,000 CZK.

Energy Performance Certificate
Class G - Inefficient
according to Act No. 406/2000 Sb.
The certificate will be submitted at the latest before the conclusion of the purchase contract
Energy ticket

Have you always dreamed of having your own villa like from a fairy tale? Do you want to own a splendid property as well as an interesting slice of history? So don’t miss out on Porkert Villa, which is waiting for its owner in Skuhrov nad Bělou.

I’m offering you a unique villa lying in the foothills of the Orlické Mountains in the village of Skuhrov nad Bělou. This three-storey villa in the Moorish style was built in the years 1931–1932.Its total floor area is 658 m2, and it stands on a block measuring over11,500 m2, where apart from the villa, a beautiful, maintained garden with an area of 5,000 m2 stretches.

The villa comprises nine bedrooms, six bathrooms, a kitchen, spacious living room, games room, library and gym. A double garage located on the block a little way from the access onto the main road is included. The villa underwent extensive reconstruction in the years 2004–2007, and it is ready for its new owners to move in.

On the first floor, which was once used as drawing rooms, is the living room, which measures about 62 m2 with access to a spacious terrace that looks onto the greenery. The living room’s large windows ensure the space is light, and a delightful fireplace, beside which you may while away the long winter evenings, awaits you here too. The interior decorated with a stucco ceiling, parquet floors or panelling combined with luxury wallpaper will then definitely grab your attention. Off the living room is a modern kitchen measuring 44 m2with a counter equipped with all the necessary appliances. Furthermore, beside the elegant kitchen island, you will have enough room for a dining table big enough for family gatherings. Moreover, there are two bedrooms on this floor as well as the games room, which measures about 57 m2 and has tasteful wood panelling and a fireplace. This room, which was once a billiard room, has its own separate covered entrance intended for cars to pull up to. Immediately beside it is a wonderful library with a study corner. In addition, the floor has a toilet, utility room and two storage rooms.

On the second floor are six bedrooms, four bathrooms, toilet and wardrobe. You can get to the terrace from the entrance hall. The terrace is 77 m2with an awning. Two of the bedrooms have access to the balcony with a view to the garden. The final bedroom with a bathroom is located on the third floor. Apart from the bedroom, there is a room used as a gym and another bathroom about to be reconstructed. Furthermore, the two rooms here measuring 52 m2and 62 m2 are used as an attic.

The huge, almost 5,000 m2 garden will feel like your own private oasis. It is separated from the village’s main road by a fence and tall trees, so no one will ever bother you. And there is enough space here for anything you fancy – from a fountain through a small pond to a massive pool.

The villa is not a declared cultural monument, nor is it located in a heritage-protected area. From the point of view of the Act on State Historic Preservation, there is no burden on the permitting activity of historic preservation, and you are thus not limited in case of possible reconstruction.


The original cast-iron pipes are still installed in the villa, and water is drawn from a well through a filter. If necessary, connection to the water supply system is ready. Waste is conveyed to a septic tank. The villa is currently used as a summer residence. In case of all-year residency, it will be necessary to finalise an effective heating system. Currently, heating is supplied by a small boiler or fireplaces, but in the basement there are distribution systems for two boilers, which according to calculations will heat the entire residence without any problem.

Unique Building and History

Though the villa looks like its architect drew inspiration from someplace among the palms drenched in sunlight…the truth is that this unique building was built according to a design from an American magazine and commissioned by the industrialist Vilém Porkert Jr. The villa was designed by Oto Ployer, and its oriental elements are based on the Moorish style. The Porkert family not only lived here but also conducted successful business meetings in its drawing rooms.

A Villa with a Huge Potential

Obviously, there are more than ample possibilities how to use the spacious villa and its adjoining grounds. If you really have a large family or a great demand for space, it is your ideal place for premium family living. Yes, and if you are instead seeking an interesting opportunity for an investment, just make a couple of modifications and you can start running, for example, a themed boutique hotel or a luxury home for seniors. In short, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Maximum privacy and tranquillity

If you’re looking for a place where you will have absolute privacy and no one will bother you, you have found it right here because this villa is a country getaway in the best sense of the word. You will be separated from the surrounding buildings and the road on one side by the forest and the Bělá River, and on the other by almost 5,000 m2of beautiful garden. Moreover, you are completely bordered by high-growing trees, so uninvited guests will not see anything from your home more than the driveway.

Skuhrov nad Bělou and its surrounding locale

The village of Skuhrov lies in the valley of the Bělá River, only a couple of kilometres from Rychnov nad Kněžnou. Skuhrov is the gateway to the Orlické Mountains and offers all the civic facilities from a shop through kindergarten and school to tennis courts. A magnificent countryside, hiking trails, observation towers and fascinating landmarks await you in the surroundings. Yes, and in winter you can head for the slopes at one of many ski resorts on either the Czech or Polish side.

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