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Polní 935, Průhonice
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Total floorarea including garage and terrace: 229 m2; master bedroom terrace:130.2 m2; smaller bedroom terrace: 13.02 m2; balcony: 2.7m2; two-car garage: 31.30 m2; plot: 725 m2.

Monthly costs

The totalmonthly costs amount to CZK 7,565. They include the advance for electricity ofCZK 3,190 per month; advance for gas of CZK 3,000 per month; advance for waterof CZK 1,000 per month and waste disposal charges, including bio waste, of CZK375 per month.

Energy Performance Certificate
Class G - Inefficient
according to Act No. 406/2000 Sb.
The certificate will be submitted at the latest before the conclusion of the purchase contract
Energy ticket

Are you looking for a spacious family dwelling in the proximity of a largecity and, at the same time, within convenient distance of beautiful countryside?What about this amazing house in Průhonice, literally a short walk to a forest?


I am offering you a 229-m2 4BR villa, on a 725-m2plot, with a large garage and garden. It includes the main living space (livingroom with kitchen and dining area), four bedrooms and three baths. 


The ground floor (52 m2) has a kitchen with dining area and living room. The kitchen features a stone countertop, plenty of storage and a bar– a perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine while something delicious is cookingin the oven. Immediately adjacent to the kitchen is a dining table for six andthe main living space with a fireplace where you can enjoy pleasant winterevenings. The room gets plenty of natural light thanks to floor-to-ceilingwindows. In the summer, all you have to do is open them and your living roomgets a stone patio with a view of the forest. In addition to the living room,there is a separate bathroom with a shower and a room that is currently used asan office. Immediately attached to the ground floor is a spacious (31 m2)garage with enough room for a car and sporting equipment. It has an RC gate anddirect access to the house, which comes in very handy on a rainy day. 


The first floor features three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The masterbedroom (35 m2) has a walk-in closet and en-suite with double sinkand shower. It also has a 13-m2 terrace where you can enjoy the viewof the garden and the neighbourhood in the evening. The first floor also offerstwo bedrooms (15 m2 and 16 m2 respectively) with a sharedbathroom and a balcony accessible from the hallway, and a separate toilet. Oneof the bedrooms has a street facing terrace, while the other one has a walk-incloset. 


The house sits in a landscaped 536-m2 garden where you can spendmemorable moments with your family and friends. It has plenty of space for aplayground, outdoor sauna or pool. Thanks to its location at the end of a quietstreet you will have total privacy. 


Průhonice is a great place for families. It offers all amenitiesimaginable; and the D1 motorway exit will get you there and to Prague in sevenminutes. 


The house is sold as partly furnished; so come check it out.


The house was built in 2009; it has wooden window frames and wooden doorframes and Bramac roofing. It is connected to a security system and a sewersystem; its heating is based on condensing boiler. Water is heated in a tank.The house has underfloor heating, and two bedrooms have an extra unit. In thebathrooms, there are heated towel racks and  an electric floor heating system that can beturned on even when the central heating of the house is off.

Spacious family living

Whether you have a large family or you work from home, this property offersplenty of time to everyone, for everything. Two floors offer four bedrooms,three baths, spacious living room with direct garden access and two-car garage.Should you need even more peace and privacy, there is a forest right next tothe house where you can enjoy very private walks. 

Good accessibility

If you are looking to live with nature at your doorstep, but you need tocommute to Prague for work, Průhonice is the answer. It is located at a D1motorway exit, so your commute should not take more than 7 minutes. Do notworry about traffic noise; there is an effective embankment between the townand the motorway. The town has everything including kindergarten, elementaryschool, playgrounds and numerous restaurants. 

Průhonice and its vicinity

Průhonice is not only a strategically located town near Prague. Situated inthe centre is the famous Průhonice Park with a UNESCO-listed castle and an arboretum.The famous water park Aquapalace Praha isn’t far away either. Hiking enthusiastswill enjoy the marked trail to Jižní Město.

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