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Hřensko 37 - hotel Praha
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The total floor area is 1,890.8 m2. The area of the plot is 1,000 m2. The hotel also includes 20 parking spaces.

Monthly costs

The total monthly cost of electricity is 35,000 CZK. Thanks to a private transformer station, energy supplies are cheaper. Other monthly fees are CZK 15,000 and include insurance, water, internet, telephone.

Energy Performance Certificate
Class G - Inefficient
according to Act No. 406/2000 Sb.
The certificate will be submitted at the latest before the conclusion of the purchase contract
Energy ticket

If you are looking for a great investment opportunity, then pay close attention. My listings have just been increased by a very special property – the four-star Hotel Praha with a restaurant that you will not find anywhere else but in the picturesque Hřensko, the tourist centre of Bohemian Switzerland.

Hotel Praha is situated on the banks of the River Kamenice, directly on a hiking trail in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. The hotel’s surroundings boast all the popular destinations, such as the Prebischtor Gate, the Kamnitz Gorge, and sandstone rocks, which draw hundreds of thousands of tourists heading to Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland every year. Additionally, this hotel is the only one in the whole of Hřensko, which can accommodate an entire busload of visitors at once, so it is often even booked two years in advance by travel agencies.

The hotel with the restaurant is sold fully furnished, including an extensive clientele, so the new owner can simply take over the well-established operations. You will also be pleased to know that the hotel is very popular not only with Czech but also German clients, and the appreciation reaches up to 15% per annum.

The capacity of the hotel, including extra beds, is 82 beds in 34 rooms. It consists of a four-story original historical German-style building and a modern extension in which most of the rooms are located. Both buildings are connected by an atrium. The total floor area of the building is almost 1,900 m2, and it also includes the adjacent surrounding land. The hotel has its own car park for 20 cars, and there is a municipal car park in its immediate vicinity.

A restaurant with a capacity of 64 seats is part of the hotel. In summer, the outdoor terrace seats another 48 guests, and the reception bar can seat up to 26 visitors. The restaurant and the kitchen are fully equipped. In 2013, a wine cellar carved into the rock was added next to the hotel. Its capacity is 54 persons and the Moravian wine tastings on offer are very popular here. Additionally, the terrace with a capacity for 50 persons, not to mention its grill and a fireplace will certainly inspire evenings spent with a guitar.

The plot has a building permit issued for the construction of a congress centre on the site of the existing pergola. As part of the project, the rocks have already been remediated, so all you have to do is continue where the current owner left off – such an opportunity will not arise again in Hřensko.

This building simply ticks all the boxes. Let’s take a look at it in the photo gallery.


From 1995–1996, the hotel underwent a complete reconstruction, during which a new part was built, and the roof of the original building was repaired. In 2000, the pergola, car park, and the bridge over the river were finished. In 2002–2003, the first two floors were renovated, including the walls, electricity, elevators, and the kitchen, restaurant, bar, and lounge facilities. The sewerage is connected to the municipal system. A private transformer station ensures the electrical supply, and the hotel also has an alternative energy source (a diesel unit for 12 hours of operation). The building is monitored by a camera system.


Hotel Praha was built by the German hotelier Günther in 1910. The hotel very quickly became a popular and sought-after place for many visitors to Hřensko. It experienced difficult times after 1939, but thanks to a delicate and costly reconstruction, it was modernised in 1995 and adapted to the needs of today’s visitors without losing its original appearance and charm. Today, it is the only hotel in Hřensko that can accommodate an entire bus of visitors.


Hotel Praha offers four-star accommodation, with hundreds of satisfied guests having stayed over the years of its operation. It enjoys a very good rating of 8 out of 10 on and is very popular, mainly thanks to its great location and friendly staff. It is visited by Czech and foreign guests and is especially popular with international groups arriving regularly through travel agencies with which the hotel has long-term cooperation.


The hotel has a restaurant serving up to 112 guests, since you can seat 64 of them in the restaurant and 48 on the terrace. The latter is clearly visible and easily accessible from the road. In addition to the accommodated guests, you can also count on an influx of thirsty hikers and day-trippers. The restaurant is fully equipped, as is the professional kitchen, which has all the appliances and equipment for the preparation of delicious meals. Moreover, there is a wine cellar where you can hold your favourite tastings.


Thanks to its location in the vicinity of Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland, the municipality of Hřensko is a popular tourist centre, which is visited by thousands of Czech and foreign tourists every year. The most popular tourist destinations include the Prebischtor Gate, the Kamnitz Gorge, the Bastei Rock Bridge, and the Belvedere Viewpoint, which lies directly on the trail where Hotel is also found. And I must not forget the attractions of Saxon Switzerland – the Batschandau Thermal Park or the popular boat trips to Dresden, which are just 6 km away.

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