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Total floor area 832 m2.

Total floor area of the 1st floor – 243.3 m2 without the paved area.

Total floor area of the mezzanine – 37.7 m2.

Total floor area 2nd floor – 209.6 m2 without the terrace.

Total floor area 3rd floor – 222.2 m2.

Total floor area 4th floor – 118.8 m2 without the balcony.

The hotel has 10 parking spaces on its own plot.

Monthly costs

Approximate costs for electricity and water are CZK 30,000.

Energy Performance Certificate
Class G - Inefficient
according to Act No. 406/2000 Sb.
The certificate will be submitted at the latest before the conclusion of the purchase contract
Energy ticket

Are you looking for an interesting investment opportunity or would you like to expand your portfolio with a unique business? Then have a proper look at this offer because the Hawel Hotel in Hřensko may be yours soon.

The Hawel Hotel is located on the edge of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park, just a few minutes from the ferry stop where thousands of tourists, every year, setoff for Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland and its popular places such as Pravčická Gate, the Old Gasworks, Elbe Canyon or Kamenice Gorges, which are all in the hotel’s surroundings. And those looking for truly luxurious accommodation will find it right here, at the Hawel Hotel.

The hotel, including the restaurant, has 4 floors and a total floor area of 832 m2. The whole building was completely renovated in 2013 and is sold including all furnishing and equipment. All you have to do is equip the kitchen, and you can welcome your first guests. The hotel also has 10parking spaces on its own plot, and there is a municipal car park in the immediate vicinity.

The accommodation capacity of the hotel is 21 beds in 11 beautiful rooms. There are 5 more rooms for staff with a capacity of 10 beds, which can be used as accommodation for tourists with simpler tastes. There is a flat on the second floor that you can convert into 7 rooms and increase the capacity by another 13 beds. All rooms are furnished with unique and luxurious amenities. The mahogany furniture, stylish wallpapers and carefully selected decorations create a magical, castle atmosphere that will simply take your guests’ breath away. The room floors and corridors of the hotel are carpeted, and the bathrooms are covered with Italian tiles. The hotel has another 10 beds in 5 attic rooms for staff.

The 5-room flat with an area of 159 m2 is located on the second floor. It consists of two bedrooms with a size of almost 17 m2, a living room with an area of 35 m2, a kitchen with a size of about 35 m2 and a study room. In addition, the flat has three storage rooms, a walk-in closet, two bathrooms with toilets and another separate toilet beside the study room. The living room has a balcony, and the kitchen leads to a large terrace. The whole flat is furnished in the same spirit as the rooms and is airconditioned. You can use the flat for your own needs or rent it as a luxury suite or convert it into more rooms.

The hotel also has a restaurant on the ground floor with a capacity for 52seats. Another 34 seats are in the stylish heated sunroom. So you can seat up to 86 guests all year round. The interior of the restaurant is made of exotic teak wood and is fitted with period furniture and impressive decorations. Red carpets are laid on the floor which has a built-in underfloor heating system, and the walls have an eye-catching finish. The heated sunroom has rustic wooden tables with benches, and when the roof is open, guests have a beautiful view of the rock that stands near the hotel. The restaurant kitchen has the sewage piping system, extractor hood and electrical wiring ready – all you have to do is just to add the furnishing and equipment and cooks and you can start cooking. The toilet rooms for restaurant guests are on the mezzanine floor.


The hotel was completely renovated in2013, including the water piping system, wiring and air conditioning. The heating is provided by an electric boiler connected to the central system and can be regulated via a computer system, so you can heat each room separately. Water heating is provided by 6 boilers with a volume of 300 litres. The flat on the second floor has air conditioning. The internet is satellite. The hotel has a camera system and security system without connection to the central security desk. A music system is also installed in the hotel premises. There is no gas connection; the sewer system is municipal.


Unique accommodation and restaurant with an absolutely charming interior. This is what the Hawel Hotel offers to its guests. The hotel rooms can accommodate up to 31 guests who can also use the hotel’s own 10 parking spaces. And you can seat 52 guests in the restaurant, and an additional 34 can enjoy sitting in the heated sunroom. All this only 3 kilometres from the Belvedere Viewpoint and only a short walk from the gorges of the River Kamenice.


The mahogany furniture in the rooms, teak wood in the restaurant, Italian tiles in the bathrooms… This hotel is simply a dream come true for every lover of luxury. In the restaurant, guests can enjoy a beautiful interior in which they will feel like in a castle, and thanks to the retractable roof, they can enjoy relaxing under the sky in the sunroom. And hotel guests will certainly enjoy fabulous rooms they will not find anywhere else.


The village of Hřensko is located in close proximity to Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland, and therefore it is a popular tourist centre visited by thousands of Czech and foreign visitors a year. In the vicinity of the hotel, there are all the most popular tourist attractions such as the Pravčická Gate, the Bastei Rock Bridge, the Old Gasworks and the Tisa Walls, as well as the Table Mountains or the rock town of Schrammsteine on the German side.

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