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The entirecomplex is located on a plot of 3,335 m2.

The capacity ofthe restaurant is 60 seats, with another 60 seats on the outdoor terrace.

The guest househas 6 rooms with a total of 21 beds.

The floor area ofthe main house is 238.15 m2.

The floor area ofthe second house is 96.91 m2.

Monthly costs

Electricity costsfor the entire complex are CZK 24,000 per month. Drinking water is from aprivate well, heating and hot water is provided by a central coal boiler.

Energy Performance Certificate
Class G - Inefficient
according to Act No. 406/2000 Sb.
The certificate will be submitted at the latest before the conclusion of the purchase contract
Energy ticket

Are you looking for an interesting investment opportunity? One you can combine with premium multi-generational housing? Then you should not miss the unique residential complex with the U Jelena guest house, which is waiting for you right under the Křivoklát state castle.


The complex with a total area of 3,335 m2 comprises 3 buildings. A guest house with a restaurant and a summer house, anadjoining family house with a reception and a large family house with a coveredterrace. It is situated in the woods just below one of the most famous and verypopular Czech castles – Křivoklát.


Guesthouse with restaurant in a popular tourist location

The dominant feature of the area is the UJelena house, built in 1858, which has since then served as an inn. The building with its antique interior, which has been visited by Hollywood legends such as Bruce Willis and Jackie Chan, has been used for cultural events for years. The building still serves its original purpose today.


There is a stylish restaurant with a carved wooden bar on the ground floor. It seats 60 guests inside, and its capacity canbe further expanded in summer by another 60 seats on the outdoor terrace with views of the landscape. The restaurant has facilities with an equipped kitchen and dish washing area. Toilets for guests, as well as storage areas, are located in the basement.


The restaurant has a summer house with a covered seating area, where an outdoor kitchen with barbecue can be used in good weather. In winter you can use it to store garden furniture.


The first floor offers 6 furnished rooms with bathrooms. A total of 21 guests can be accommodated here. The guest house and restaurant are sold fully equipped.


You will definitely not suffer a shortage of guests in the restaurant or guest house. In the past, in addition to visitors heading to Křivoklát, U Jelena house has accommodated tours and hosted corporate parties, family celebrations and weddings.


There are 19 parking spaces and 2 garages on the premises. The municipal car park is in close proximity to the premises.


Houses for multi-generational living or renting

In addition to the guest house there are also two family houses on the premises. The main 238 m2 house, comprising 5 rooms and an open-plan kitchen, was built in 2001. The two floors offer 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, living room and two bathrooms. The house has acovered terrace of 33 m2 with seating and a wood-burning fireplace.


The second house is located at the entrance to the premises. It comprises 5 rooms and a kitchen on a total area of 97 m2.The ground floor of the house houses an office with a reception where you can welcome your guests and manage the operation. You or your property manager can live on the remaining two floors. There is a total of 3 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and bathroom.


You can use the houses for your own multi-generational living. They can also be rented out or used to expand the capacity of the guest house. Both are sold partially furnished.


The complex was built in 1999 and the guest house and reception building have been completely renovated. In 2001 the main house and central boiler room were built.

The heating in the complex is provided by a central solid-fuel boiler room with year-round operation. It is equipped with ecological boilers with automatic coal feeder. Central heating is distributed to the buildings. The boiler room also heats water for the restaurant and the guest house. In the family houses the water is heated by boilers and the larger house can be switched to heating from the boiler room. The restaurant and larger house can be heated by a wood-burning masonry heater.

All waste is directed through the sewage system to the property’s own waste-water treatment plant. There are two wells on the property – water is pumped from one well to the water treatment plant where it is supplied to all buildings as drinking water, the water from the other well is not treated and is used for watering.

The whole area is monitored by a CCTV system, the central recording station is located in the large house. The system can also be managed from a mobile phone. Each building has its own alarm with motion sensor.

Restaurant with guest house in an attractive location

The beautiful interior of the historic UJelena house holds a restaurant that can serve up to 60 guests. In the summer months, another 60 can be seated in the garden. The complex is directly down the road from the castle, so you can count on a regular influx of thirsty and hungry tourists from all corners of the world. The restaurant is fully furnished and even has a fully equipped kitchen, all you need is to add a chef. The first floor comprises six rooms, which can accommodate up to 21 guests travelling to see the beauty of the Křivoklát region.

Premium multi-generational living

If you want to combine living with business, you’ve come to the right place. There are two family houses in the forest area besides the guest house. The larger of them has 5 rooms and an open plan kitchen, and its total area of 238 m2 will satisfy even really high demands for space. Right next to the house is a covered terrace with a fireplace and seating, for example, for family gatherings. The second house stands at the entrance to the complex and its ground floor serves as a reception area. It can accommodate part of your family or perhaps the property manager or staff. And if you already have your own place, just rent the house sout.

Surroundings of U Jelena House

Apart from Křivoklát Castle, which towers directly above the complex, there are plenty of other tourist attractions in the area. Cycling trails, sightseeing routes, a Gothic lookout, the Buková lookout tower and, just a short drive away, Lány Château, Točník and Žebrák castles, the Skryjská lakes and Klíčava reservoir. It is no wonder that more than half a million tourists visit this location every year. And that means only one thing for you – you’ll always be fully booked.

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